Monday, August 23, 2010

PUSH MODELS San Diego & Las Vegas Open for Business

This Friday night will be our official PUSH MODELS – SAN DIEGO & LAS VEGAS launch party. Yep that is right, PUSH MODELS is opening another two event staffing companies / offices in these two MAJOR cities. Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will be training days for the new team members Jason Ellis for the San Diego market and Lawrence McBride for the Las Vegas market BUT FRIDAY night (8/27) will be YOUR chance to meet them both!

Over the course of the years we have provided promotional models, trade show models and event staffing services for expos, special events and street team campaigns all over Las Vegas and San Diego markets and we did most of it remotely but after this month PUSH MODELS will locally have locations and great people to run them in these markets… what does this mean for you? Well if you’re a customer, then it simply means better service and if you’re a model… well just much more opportunity.

So we invite you all to come out and party VIP style with the new Las Vegas and San Diego PUSH MODELS agency owners. As our National event staffing company continues to grow we will continue to PUSH off each one of our event staffing companies the same way. Training (Thursday/Friday), Little fun (Friday Night) and then back to the training (Saturday). We hope to see you all there. RSVP to